Flow along surface or create UV not doing it


I would like to add certain graphic patterns to this loop surface.
Cutting them out of the loop’s surface or laying them on top of it.

I’ve tried create uv but it doesn’t allow me to select the middle part, it doesn’t see the loop as one piece.
Then I’ve tried to use flow along surface but also here it only selects the first flat part of the loop.

I guess I am missing something here…


orum.3dm (14.0 MB)

You need a surface and you have a polysurface.

I tried merge but it was a bit messy so I remade the ribbon.

I duplicated the border of your ribbon and then split it up for a 2 rail sweep. Before I did the sweep I rebuilt the curves to make it a bit cleaner.

Extracted the UV curves from the resulting ribbon, created a planar surface and them used FlowAlongSrf with no problems to get the curve up onto the ribbon.

Others will probably have a quicker method. HTH

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Thanks Sochin! Appreciate it.
I need to dig into the concept surface vs polysurface, didn’t look into it yet. It’s strange that it works with a 2 rail sweep since I build the ribbon with a 1 rail sweep.

“Surface” is singular, “poly” means many or much.

You probably should do the built in training in Rhino. You will get much more out of Rhino if you do. Good luck.

Will check it out! Thanks!