"Flow along surface" creates Non-manifold edges

I created a simple surface using “Revolve” -> “Create UV curves” for that surface -> made a solid extrusion -> and did “Flow along surface” using my solid extrusion and surface from revolve:

Results is always “Non-manifold edges”.

I tried changing tolerance, different types of rebuild/cap solid/union/create solid, different sizes of my solid extrusion and different sizes of UV curves surface - no success.
Could you please help?

Model (and a screenshot of non-manifold edges) is attached.

flow_test.3dm (198.3 KB)

Remove the end surfaces from your solid extrusion before Flow so that when it is flowed around to rejoin itself, the end surfaces are not “stuck” inside, leaving you with a non-manifold object.


Wow, it works. Thank you very much!