Flow Along SRF

Trying to flow Along the face to a surface. I tried for hours, to no avail. Can you help?Flow Along.3dm (121.3 KB)
I am trying to get the face to flow on the curved triangle.

Is this what you are trying to do?

First you need to define a base surface. I selected the purple surface and ran the _Squish command. This more or less flattened out the surface and can be used as the “base”. _Smash will also give you a flat surface using a different algorithm. Note that _Squish requires a curve input as well as the surface…just select one of the surface edges… _Smash does not need a curve but gives you a skinnier flat surface.

Move you face onto the flat surface.

Now, run _FlowAlongSrf:

  1. Select the object you want to flow (red face)
  2. Select you base surface (flat purple)**
  3. Select the target surface (curved purple)**

** Where you pick each surface will help determine the orientation of the object to flow. To achieve this result, I picked both purple surfaces in the corner where I placed the blue “X”