Flow along curve and selection filters

While trying to create the object to flow along the curve, I drew the curve in the side view (It’s a hook shape) to establish the line length. Created the straight curve that length and did an array of 10 deformable circles. To my dismay, when I started adjusting the points on one of the circles - they all deformed. How do I fix this?

I was using Brian James toothbrush tutorial as a guide and also can’t find the selection filters. When I go to the help menu “Selection Filters” are not listed. Command does not show any combination of words that will get me there. Please give me a hint as to where it can be found.

Hello - use HistoryPurge to remove History from the circles if you don’t want them to pay attention to the original and turn off history recording if it is set to always record - it’s generally a bad idea to have it on all the time.