Flow along a polysurface

Hello, I apologize for revisiting the same issue.

My primary concern is whether it’s possible to apply ‘FlowAlongSrf’ to a polysurface, or if there are alternative methods available. Also, is it viable to possible convert a polysurface into a single surface?

My objective is to project three rectangular strips directly onto a polysurface from the top containing a hemisphere and a flat circle. As a result, the ends of the strips remain flat on the flat circle, while the middle portion of the three strips would wraps around the hemisphere.

3D demo_v5.3dm (77.6 KB)

Hello- is this the result you want?


DrapeAndFlow.3dm (819.2 KB)

Note the bars to not have vertical sides on the sphere.

If these should all have vertical sides and be constant thickness (?), then I think you will have to construct the geometry, flowing will not get the result I think you are after.


Yes, oh my god, could you please teach me how you did it?

Hello - look on the Drape layer in my file. There is a surface there created with the Drape command in Top. Use this as a target surface. Note as I mentioned above, if you need a precise result, you may need to construct the surfaces.

@Ji_Hyun_Yang - here is another way to go after this.

Offsets.3dm (1.1 MB)