Floor generator script (work in progress)

You need to be more specific. If it is a rectangular planar surface, then yes this can be implemented fairly easily, if it is something else (for example flat surface with rounded edges, or a curved surface) it’s not impossible but it would require a lot more coding to get that to work.

Yes, for instance a pentagone flat surface.

I don’t know how you coded it, but for a flat surface with curves, In grasshopper I would make a bounding box, generate the floor on the buttom rectangle of the bounding box, then trim it with the curve surface. Then cap planks. with it be as simple in your code ?


It’s probably not too difficult, but still requires quite a bit of spare time that I currently don’t have. I’m not sure if trimming meshes will work that well though, and it needs to be meshes in order to apply mapping to it. In short: don’t expect anything soon :slight_smile:

How made a random material in new vray 5?

you have all the options you need to make a randomized floor material in vfr 5

you can see the scheme here with rhino polysrfs, but you can do the same with all kind of geometry

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