Floating between two laptops

I recently just bought a new computer and logged into my rhino license. It said I was allowed to float between the two laptops. My new computer just broke, so I cannot download the Rhino files through an external hard drive to place them on my old laptop. Does anyone know if there is a way to access these files that were on my new computer since i was using the same license?

I am not exactly following…maybe a Mcneel employee can give you a better answer.

License and files, I don’t see the connection.

You can perfectly use Rhino on your new computer login in with your account.

But regarding your files, unless they are in some kind of cloud service like Dropbox then you need to transfer them through a hard drive to your new computer.

I am able to use Rhino just fine on both laptops, but because my other laptop is now broken I am trying to figure out if my work on Rhino that I completed on there is lost or if I can retrieve it without an external hard drive. I want to know how can I get my rhino work from one computer to another if I am using the same license, or if that is even a possibility

No thats no possible up to what I know. The files are on your pc. Not a server. @pascal might have the definitive answer, but most luckily no.

Still just because your pc broke does not mean your files are lost. You can always access the HDD on a new pc. You might have to take it to a technician to recover those files.

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Thankyou for response. This may not be related but if my broken computer has a black monitor how would I be able to access the lost files or download them. I cannot take it anywhere to be fixed because of some odd policy from the seller.

Dissemble the laptop. Be ware this might violate your warranty.

No need to take it to the official service. Just someone who fixes computers and recovers files. Be ware this might violate your warranty as well.

If you suspect that it’s “just” the monitor that’s broken, you could simply attach an external monitor and use that to recover the files.



And after that ensure you get it repaired under your warrenty if it is a just new laptop you got.