Flip make2d parallel view

Is it possible to flip the “make2d parallel view” direction?

I have tried flipping the surface it is based on but, that does not result in flipped “view plane”.

My workaround for the moment is rotating the input surface 180 degrees before plugging it into the “parallel view” module, it works but a flip function would be cleaner and easier.

Yeah there’s no easy way to flip the plane underlying a rectangle. Also difficult for circles and arcs. A general solution would be nice, but I think it’ll have to wait for GH2.

In the meantime here’s a rectangle flipper C# component. It flips the X and Z axes of a rectangle plane, not the Y axis. Presumably this is the best way to flip a plane for Make2D as it swaps left and right, but not top and bottom.

rectangle flipper.gh (6.2 KB)