Flip in VBscript

Hei how to Flip a surface in vb script ?

Rhino.FlipSurface(srf_id, boolean[optional])

But as this is a fixed function “flipped” or not - it doesn’t just invert the current direction - you also need to check if it’s already flipped, and then if it is, to reverse the direction, you need to “unflip” it.

	If Not Rhino.FlipSurface(srf_id) Then
		'surface is not flipped, so flip it'
		Rhino.FlipSurface(srf_id, True)
		'surface is already flipped, so "unflip" it'
		Rhino.FlipSurface(srf_id, False)
	End If

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: