Flip component,wire-frame mode


What is the component that the picture show?

And could someone tell me how to show the wireframe preview for the grasshopper. I only can use the red one and nothing shown under the wireframe.

Thank you !

That is the Mesh Flip component.
You can find components by double clicking on a blank part of the Grasshopper canvas and start typing the name. There are several components with the nickname Flip (matrix, curve, plane…), but because of the M input and output I believe this is the mesh one.


But some component/geometry may not support wireframe drawing.

Ah, it looks like the ‘Mesh Flip’ one is from the MeshEdit plugin. The one you show is the native Grasshopper one.
I’m guessing they put it in MeshEdit before it was included with standard Grasshopper, since it just does the same thing but with less options. Anyway, you should be able to just swap it for the native ‘Flip Mesh’ component in your definition.

Also, if you have meshes and nothing showing in wireframe, you might need to turn on the Preview Mesh Edges option under display (or press Ctrl+M).

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Hi Daniel

Thanks a lot!!