Flip command in Menus?

Where is this located in the Menus or Toolbar icons? I was looking for it, couldn’t find it, and finally just gave up and ran the darn thing.

Flip isn’t in the menus. For future reference on where to find commands, use the Help command and then run the command in question. There will be a selection at the top of the Help for where you can find the command in either toolbars or menus.

Right. I used that but couldn’t find it. Shouldn’t FLIP be somewhere in UI - menus and/or buttons? It’s pretty important…


Hi David- Flip is on the right mouse button of the Direction button in the Analyze toolbar.


Ah ok thanks. Also in the Analyze Direction menu buttons. thank you!

Will we be able to edit/customize the Toolbar layouts and left sidebar in the future? I’m hoping the answer is Yes :smile: