Flip command break History command?


Why the Rhino6 Flip command break History command?

Does fix this ?

Like any other command you might execute that modifies a child object, it will cut the history relationship with the parent object. However, if you run Flip on a parent object that has children with history, the child object(s) should respond (if they haven’t been modified).


Does it not cut the history relationship with the parent object?
Does it posiable?

When I often Flip the surface by creating, the History command was break.
Is there a good suggestion? You can flip surface normals without destroying history.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t know what’s possible, I do know that Flip on a child object breaks the history, it always has…

For example if you Loft some curves with history, the resulting surface is a child, the curves the parent. If you Flip the curves, the history is maintained and the lofted surface should respond; but if you flip the lofted surface, the history relation is broken and the curves can no longer change the surface.

If that can be “improved”, I have no idea…


How to Flip the curves? Which command?

same command.

I Have try the flip command to flip the curves but the surface has no change.