Flip between Snappy and Smooth gumball


i wonder if there is a fast and easy way to swith between snappy and smooth gumball?

i would just love to use SHIFT (or other programable key) for gumball to snap in smooth mode, or be loose in Snappy mode.



Hi Vladimir -

You can assign the following macro to a function key or alias:

-Options ModelingAids Gumball SnappyGumball Enterend



A slightly more complicated way to do it is with a script. The only advantage to this is that you can get feedback on the command line about the current state. I use the attached script, but it’s not nearly as good as having an override key.
You’d need a macro like this assigned to function key or alias:
-runpythonscript “full path to script including name.py”

ToggleGumballSnap.py (487 Bytes)