Flickering Problems in Render View

Please see printscreen below. This is a model in rendering view. I get a strange flickering image. I have just updated my GPU driver. How else can I try to fix this?

view I

Hi Arthur- do you have two objects there, coincident or nearly coincident?


Appologies Pascal, running the dell diagnose tool seems to have fixed the problem. Might have been a driver issue. I will let you know in this thread if it starts again.

Hello Pascal. I have this problem, two almost concentric circles a few centimeters apart. One circle rendered white, one black. No emission or ambience, or alternatively no diffuse lighting. In Render view, when I turn the camera to view from the black, circle, I can see white lines flickering. I have Rhino 5 SR12 64-bit.

Hi cd - can you please post a file or send it to me via private message, or to tech@mcneel.com?