Flickering (Overlapping Surfaces) — The hardest programming problem?

I’ve seen similar reports in Autodesk (Revit), Unity and other programs. Why does it have to flicker between two overlapping surfaces? Is there a way to turn it off (show only the last drawn surface f.ex.?)

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I’m astonished that this problem is not mentioned anywhere, literally been asking myself this for 6 years now. Hoping for a solution to this, tried turning on thickness in properties panel, doesn’t seem to help.

In my case I’m drawing polysurface over a mesh surface, if that is any helpful.


I mean imagine anyone with epilepsy trying to do my work…

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… just delete the offending face ?

In speed workflows, I don’t have time for that. But if that’s the only option I guess I’m sacrificing my eyes…

What is a “Speed Workflow” ?

It is a big topic in computer science.


set your mesh to wireframe


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Great, thanks!