Flatting with smooth transition

Hey masters,

I just finished my basic course at Seattle office.

Is there any ways to finish this project?

I am trying to make custom orthoses using Rhinos 5. I am not an design person and have a lot of
troubles with Rhinos program to study. Please help me. – novice.

Foot captured by 3D scanner

Made flat on the forefoot by using Rhinos 5: I
thing they use additional program (like T-Spline)

Forefoot became flat with smooth transition with

Draw the final contour line

Fit to the contour line

Hi Steve - it’s hard to say without a file but I think I’d try (assuming the input is a mesh, or points, correct?) making a Patch surface through some or all of the points, including the flattened ones, and the outer perimeter curve. You might end up trimming back the patch and then blending up to the perimeter curve. Can you send what you have here or to tech@mcneel.com?


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your email to me.

I got a foot scan from a laser scanner (.stl file) and imported to Rhinos. It
was mesh and I did “drape” on that and changed nurbs file which is attached.

I want to make *the nurb to fit to the finished line. *

The pictures which I posted on the forum are from Youtube. One of the
European guys made it by using Rhinos program and supplement program like
T-spline, I guess. You can see it on Youtube if you want.

Attached is the file which I made.

Thank you so much for your help.

Steve Kim
Mr kim left - 4-17.3dm (1.83 MB)

Steve, can you post the actual mesh object from the scan?


Sure. Thanks.

Mr kim left -clean.stl (851 KB)

Mr kim left.stl (983 KB)

Hi Steve - I’m not sure how it all lines up with the curves in the other file, but I think, to get a reasonably clean surface, I might approach the first part as in the attached file.

  • Points are extracted from the mesh ( PointsOn,-F10 key - then SelBrushPoints is handy for this, then ExtractPt.
  • A 10 by 10 starting surface is made to force the alignment of the patch, which I think may be useful in this case.
  • Patch through the points with the Starting Surface (Pull set to zero - see Help for details)

If some of the mesh has been flattened, include these points as well in the patch.

You can then make the desired perimeter curve and we can work from there to get the patch surface trimmed and blended up to this curve.

Mr kim left -PG.3dm (1.8 MB)

Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your help. But I don’t know how I can control those points.

Did you watch the YouTube video on which I gave you the address?

Do you think they are using a supplement program like Tsplines?


Steve Kim

Have you tried using Patch as Pascal suggested? It automatically locates the control points based on the selected points.