Flattened list of Surface takes too long to divide

Hi everyone,

I have a script for dividing a surface into certain dimensions made by Danny Boyes.
However, it is good for a few surfaces. When I try to add all my surfaces to the script (flattened), the software hangs and stops working.
Right now, I am using List Item with slider to get certain surfaces from the mother list, however, it is taking very long. I have tried to turn on Profiler to see which node slows it down but Rhino stops even before I could check something.

Also, the obtained surface should be two trimmed surfaces when I divide one surface but it gives me 5 surfaces (1 untrimmed and 4 trimmed) which is not very clear.

Can you please look into it and let me know what could be the issue here? I will highly appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

SurfaceDivision.gh (43.8 KB)

Hi UsmanH,

You need to add to your script a flatten comand on the input curves used in the surface split command. Anyway, that script only is usuful in case of modifying one surface.

If what you want is to modify all the rectangles at the same time you must work with list. I have attached you the solution!


SurfaceDivision.gh (60.8 KB)

Thank you so much it works perfectly.