Flatten? Unroll?

Trying to flatten the windows of a car. I would like to print on water slide decals. The windows would be black. I tried some options but can not get to print, getting the grid inside not solid color?

Hi Lawrence -
I suspect we need more information from you to understand what this is about. Is this a rendering question or a modelling question?
Please post a simple 3dm file and, perhaps, a sketch of what you are trying to achieve.

irocz windows.3dm (124.0 KB)
These are the windows I’m trying to flatten and print. It seems the render stuff just makes them real fuzzy? I tried the demo of smartunfold and have had luck flattening them but can’t get that to print either?
If someone can do that n let me know I would greatly appreciate it!


Well I guess it technically works to use MeshToNURB to convert it and then to UnrollSrf(with Explode set to No.)

I would question, though, if this process is going to be accurate enough to be useful as opposed to just, say, looking at the side windows from some angle as just a flat projection.

I’ve 3D scanned car windows and some of them appear to be doubly curved.

Kangaroo can be used to flatten a mesh…

How do you plan on applying the decals and are the windows mounted on the car or just pieces of car glass where you could trim excess with a utility knife?