Flatten the polysurface and label it with a number

How to label each edge on the polysurface with the same number on the edge label after the polysurface is flattenedfolding7.gh (20.6 KB)

I have made it like this at present, is there any way to make it like this?

I have made it like this at present, is there any way to make it like this?

You could use ‘Face/Edge Adjacency’ data of Brep Topology.

folding7_reV1.gh (18.4 KB)


Thank you very much for the help of HS_Kim, this is what I want, but I am missing this plugin, where should I find the installation package of this plugin

Are you using R5? Curve Middle is a standard GH component in R6 or above.
You can replace it with Point On Curve. and that’s just display purpose.

Is it to change to this battery? But I don’t see the numbers, and I can’t see the baked text, but I can select them. I don’t know why?

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I have no idea about the differences due to the version difference.
As far as I know, Point Listis bakable with the type of text dot.
Beware your layers all turned on, and if you can’t solve the problem, just try to replace them with the components in your version.

It may be units issue. Text tag size is very small in your def.

Uploading: 694ad2e76931f49c55ae50848d88041.png…

I changed another geometry model, however, it the edge of the serial number and the plane of the edge of the serial number is not the samefolding7_reV1简略版.gh (35.2 KB)

Every time your geometry changes, I can’t afford to review it and answer it, sorry… There might be discrepancies in data during unrolling.
I can’t answer that discrepancy. If you have any questions, contact the person in charge of McNeel or plugin.

Another method is to transfer the original faces and edges to the grid using Orient.

folding7_reV1简略版_re.gh (29.5 KB)

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While you don´t have several edges with the same length you could do this:

File:folding7Chafa.gh (19.5 KB)

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Thank you very much HS_Kim answer for me, help me to solve a difficult problem

Thank you Baris answer for me