Flatten in GhPython, and Choosing Input Type in GhPython


In my project, I created a solid sphere, then made 3D Voronoi cells inside them (100 Voronoi Cells.). Then, I’m intersecting this structure with an XY plane. As you can imagine, some Voronoi cells are intersecting with the plane, and some or not. The result of that intersection is given as 100 locally defined values (since there are 100 Voronoi cells to intersect with the plane, by the way, I use Brep | Plane intersection.) However, I need that information as a list, because I use GhPython to iterate throughout the list, and I check whether Voronoi number #(0-99) is intersecting with the plane, and if intersects, what is the resulting curve. I was using the component Flatten for making that list, and giving that list to GhPython, and I chose the input as List Type (all of them are in the figures).

Now, the problem is that: I need to do that for multiple heights, let’s say starting from the top of the object, until the bottom. Therefore, I move the xy plane in GhPython, and intersect the plane and the object (using brep|brep intersection in GhPython, and extend the plane in u,v directions beforehand) again in GhPython. Even though I can make this intersection, I cannot Flatten the intersection data in GhPython (I tried coerceguidlist and curves.Flatten() but didn’t work.). Also, I don’t know how to choose List access in GhPython, if that’s necessary. It would be really great if anybody can help about this…

Thank you! I’m attaching the question files.

question.3dm (388.7 KB) question.gh (17.1 KB)

You need to use the “Path Mapper” and morph the tree to your needs.
This is not really a ghpython problem, this is a Grasshopper question.