Flatten a polysurfare with double curvature

Hi everyone.
I’m opening this topic because I’m not able to flatten this polysurfare (I know it’s not properly closed, I’m sorry). Unroll command doesn’t work because it has a double curvature on it.

Flatten.3dm (1.6 MB)

Just for you to understand, that will we a soft tpu cover for music controls in my next bluetooth speaker design. I need to flatten this piece because it would be far easier to 3D print soft tpu in that way.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

you can use FlowAlongSrf.
extract and copy the botom surface, extend it a bit and use it as Base surface. make a planar surface for the target.

it’s a very tiny piece. Imho you can get away with just projecting the border of your (mid)surface

Thank you guys! I’ll try to print it tomorrow and I’ll update you.