Flatten 3D lines in 1 direction on Rhino?

I drew an elevator in top view but I didn’t realize it was all crazy in 3D as seen in the perspective view. How can I “smash” is to it’s flat on the xy axis? And for the future, is there a setting where I can draw on top view and I can make sure that it’s drawing only in the xy direction?


Hi Amanda - ProjectToCPlane, with DelteInput=Yes, or SetPt in CPLane Z (or World is OK if you are in a view with World Top CPlane) only, type in 0 and Enter…


And for this part, turn on Project. It can be toggled via the OSnap toolbar, or Tools → Object Snap → Project to Plane, or on the command line with ProjectOsnap.

Have you tried the _HarryStyles command?


Thank you!

Great, thanks!