Flat Shading causes picture frame/texture to appear on top

Flas shading causes one of picture frameor texture to take up whole viewport.

Can you attach a screenshot of what you are seeing, and preferrably also attach a simple 3dm?

eh… can’t paste from clipboard from the snipping tool… (will this stay as specified for discourse? it’s another step to save to file then drag into this editor…)

so below is what I see… it’s a texture of cardboard. But, the view is actually in perspective and objects are supposed to be seen.
It came up when I selected the flat shading then rotated the view a bit.
Maybe when the item with texture and pic frame are grouped…

FlatShadingGonewrong.3dm (5.3 MB)
Also managed to get a video.

I frequently paste from snipping tool (probably 9 out of 10 screen captures), it works fine in my FF (nightly).

I can redo in current Rhino BETA, but the problem no longer exists in the newer branch (6.1). This means that most likely the problem is already fixed, and slated for 6.1. As such I won’t create a YT item, as it is already fixed in the code for the first SR after 6.0.

Ok. thanks!

hmm… so something is up with my clipboard…

I have NoScript in use, I noticed that with too many javascript stuff and domains disabled the clipboard pasting doesn’t always work well, maybe you have something similar in your browser?