Flat list of transforms relative to original geometry

Here I have one brep, then some arbitrary transformations to make a bunch of instances of it.

:point_right: I want one flat list of transforms that represents the final compound transformation of each instance of the input brep.

But every time I try it gets really tricky, and I’m guessing there might be a simple way of achieving this.

In the first image, that transform node at the bottom right of course represents only the last step of linear array transforms.

The second image shows how I think about compounding transforms at each step…but it must not be that complicated.

Can you attach your file?

Here it is:
transform question.gh (14.0 KB)


See this:
transform question.gh (13.7 KB)

I’ve kept your transformation order… planning the best order before starting scripting will be handy…

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Nice, thanks! I thought it would have something to do with duplicating…nice to know about the Longest List component now.