Flat curves disappearing when zooming


I’m working on a .svg file exported from Figma.
The import went without problem, but when I zoom at some point some curves disappear. Everything is on the same layer there are just curves with different colors. the one disappearing are the black one. I noticed that if I use the match command and that I match the color of disappearing curves (black) to the one not disappearing (white) then they don’t disappear anymore…

Any idea why this could happen?



Hi Pierre, Can you post or send us the file? Rhino - Upload to Support

Also please run the SystemInfo command in the Rhino command line and paste the results here. Thanks.

Hi Japhy,

Sorry for the late reply, I’m not sure what was the problem but I solved it by changing the display color in the property tab of the curves. The display color was inherited from the exported file from figma, that must have been the problem here.