Flamingo nXt with Bongo

I’ve posted a similar topic on the Bongo section but will also try here.

I’m experiencing problems rendering a small camera animation in Bongo with nXt as my source render.

The problem is that the memory cache doesn’t seem to be emptied in between the individual frames - thus the memory used increases rapidly to a point where the computer freezes.

I can render the animation using Rhino Render & Viewport Render so it can really only be connected to Flamingo.

I think this problem has possibly become worse after the last nXt update !? I have previously rendered similar files without too much problem (although I am new to Bongo). Although this may not be the case.

At the moment I’m at a lose as to what to do and would appreciate any help.

UPDATE: After some trial and error testing I think I may have located the problem. It seems to be the HDRI background/lighting image.

If I remove it and use the automatic sky setting the animation renders at a steady 5.26 Gb RAM usage.

This makes Bongo usable again - but somewhat reduces the dramatic effect associated with a HDRI lighting scheme.

So now we need to find out why the HDRI image causes this increase in RAM usage.

Yes that’s very interesting I hope somebody answers this question. Performance is what I am studying in regard to the use of the software. It takes a powerful machine to do use the program if you want to create a detailed file.

@JohnM, @scottd
Is this something you are aware of?

I can probably test this one this weekend and see if I can reproduce it. We have another SR in the works so a fix shouldn’t be too far out. In the meantime, you might be able to achieve an hdr-like effect by turning the sun off and just using the automatic sky. This sky will respond to sun position, cloudiness etc…-- but the effect will be softer. It might work (it might not).

Reproduced and fixed. We’ll get an SR out as soon as we can.

Any idea on a time frame for the next SR?

We’re working on it. Should be pretty soon.

Digging up an old one here, but was this fixed? I seem to be having a similar problem.


The problem I was having was fixed in the SR that came after my original post.

It was related to a memory leak in the render process. I’ve used the program lots since and haven’t had the same problem.

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I have the same problem that my machine do crash when I render an animation with Flamingo NxT when I reach about frame 40 (of 350), as he is running out of memory. Machine: Dual Hex-Core with 24 GB RAM. I have seen the above and thought that installing the service release from June 2014 (nXt10_Patch-Release_x64-20140606_1211) might help, but unfortunatöley I am unable to update my computer, as he keeps on telling me, that he is unable to find the appropriate software on the computer. My Flamingo NXt Version installed is: Release 20140422_100. Can somebody please help.