Flamingo nxt does not support ground plane?

Why does not Flamingo support Rhino RDK stuff like Groundplane and sun?

Flamingo nXt is a plug-in for Rhino 4.0. It has not yet been updated to use V5 tools like the groundplane.

Ok, but then I think you should remove the Flamingo NXT and Rhino 5 bundle until it has been updated.



It still works with Rhino 5. It just doesn’t support all Rhino 5 features.

  • Andy

Andrew :wink:

I know, but it still is my opinion that McNeel and Assosiated products should be the first to support each other 100%. If not they are not worthy being a bundle.


And if you want to know:
I find it frustrating that we have to excuse the RMA products like Flamingo and Penguin to the customers and tell them that the developers are too busy working on some stuff, so they can not spare the time to make their plugins up to date with Rhino 5… that has reached SR7 all ready.

Yes. I agree. I know the Flamingo team are working on this right now.