Flamingo nXt Control panel will not show

For some reason when I click control panel under the flamingo commands, it does nothing. The command line flashes and this comes up in the history:
Flamingo nXt Control Panel ( Show Hide Toggle ): _Show

But nothing comes up. It has worked in the past, it just suddenly stopped working. What did I do?


Hi Will, any chance it is ‘on’ a second monitor that was once but is not currently hooked up?


No I’ve never had a second monitor on this computer. Is there a reset or default I can restore to tho maybe get it back?

Will, I see that it is possible to slide the control panel completely behind the Windows task bar- but here, if I minimize then restore the main Rhino window, it pops back out more in the middle of the screen.

It also seems to be possible to scrunch the size down vertically, from the top or bottom , so that the thing suddenly decides to become a tiny- maybe half a cm -rectangle. Hard to see.


Thanks. Yes that did it! Ugh I feel stupid, but at least it was an easy fix. Thanks.