Flamingo nXt Control panel will not show - 2

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I found this thread which matches my problem exactly - but I cant locate the control panel ay all. ALT+Tab should cycle all open windows, but no control panel. I cant see any tiny windows either. The control panel doesn’t show on Task Manager either.

Any other suggestions ?

Many Thanks


Is Flamingo set as your current renderer?
If not, all of the Flamingo commands will be “Unknown”.

OK - found the answer in case anyone else gets the same problem, the CP window was ‘hidden’ up against the right hand part of the Rhino window. If you move your mouse to the extreme right of the window, it becomes a two arrow-head shape, and you can drag the window wider.

It would be great if some visual clue or minimum CP size happened whenever the Control Panel was requested.

Thanks John for your quick response - I guess my discovery crossed you suggestion. many thanks for looking in

I found I had docked it and then expanded the other docked menus so that it was not visible. Try dragging the docked menus away from the edge and see if it appears.