Flamingo nXt 5 Tutorials?

I notice that the tutorials on the Flamingo website are quite old - 2011, 2012, etc. Is there anything newer than those, something specific to this release?

I only have this one right now:


I am working on a couple videos that will show more details.

I hope you do create more tutorials. I think software developers often underrate the importance of training material. I use modo and twice over the last few years I’ve tried to convince clients I’ve worked with to switch over and the response was the same both times - very few good, soup to nuts tutorials to get our people up and running. In both occasions they went with C4D because there was such excellent training material available.

If you’re a hobbyist, fiddling around and figuring out how to use a program may be an option but if you’re in business, integrating new software into your pipeline in the fastest way possible is important.

My 2 cents.