Flamingo nxt 5.0 help - broken link?

When I select “help topics” from the Flamingo nxt 5 menu, I get page not found. I have the latest version.

Thanks for the report. I just tested this here in the latest internal build of nxt 5 from 11/30 and the help topics link brings me here… http://help.mcneel.com/en/flamingo/5/help/

Please let me know if you don’t see the same once you can try this or a newer build

Hi, I have a Nov 2, 2015 build. How do I get the newer build?

When I pick help topics in the older verson I have, I get sent to: http://help.mcneel.com/en/flamingo/5/help/redirects/commands/xflamingonxthelp.html

Looks like I getting redirected by “redirects.” :smile:

The latest public beta of nxt 5 is linked to here… http://wiki.mcneel.com/flamingo/5/primer

Thanks. I installed the newer version. No change. Not a big problem, but…

  1. When I click on the Flamingo nXt 5 Documentation link on the opening screen splash page for Flamingo nxt5, the help link works fine.
  2. When I go the rhino 5 menu >> Flamingo nxt 5.0 >> help >> help topics, I get

Thanks for trying the latest public build of nxt 5. If you can, please try this again once there is a new beta available and let me know if the problem persists. There is an in progress item regarding moving the help pages to the URL I pasted here but it doesn’t appear to be in the build you have yet.