Flamingo and Neon?

Will Neon support Flamingo in the future? And if so, do you have an idea of when a beta will be available?


Sorry, no. Flamingo and Neon are based on completely independent rendering engines. Neon is related to Brazil. I don’t know if the Flamingo ending developer has plans for a ‘real-time’, Neon like tool or not.

OK, nice to know. But how then are Neon able to support both Rhino render and Brazil? Are you saying that Rhino Render is based on the same render engine as Brazil?

The Rhino Renderer is so primitive that for Neon to “imitate” it is pretty simple.

Ok, thanks!

I just want to correct this thread from a technical point of view.

There is no technical reason why Neon could not preview Flamingo renderings. It wouldn’t be trivial, but it also wouldn’t be impossible…or possibly even hard.

The issue is one of priority. There has to be some work from the Flamingo development team to make it happen, and at the moment that isn’t on the schedule. One pre-requistite, though, is that Flamingo will have to become an RDK compliant renderer - which is currently in process.

Hi Andy, thanks for filling that in.
Doe this mean that through NEON we have the posibility to have hardware boost on any renderer IF the developers choose to develop their render engine???
I know this won’t happen any time soon, for any other render engine than Brazil, but it could encourage the developers to try and be even more interesting to buy a Caustic card.

When you say that Flamingo is becoming an RDK compiant render, does that mean that Brazil or V-ray in the future could render Flamingo plants and/or materials if they were rewritten to do so? That would boost the Flamingo sale for sure and be interesting for a lot of architects.

No, that’s not what it means. For Flamingo to get a hardware boost from the Caustic hardware, it would have to be re-written to use the OpenRL raytracing library that Neon uses. That isn’t likely to happen.

What I’m talking about here is a way to preview Flamingo output using Neon in the same way that Neon previews Brazil output. Personally, I’m not convinced this is a particularly useful thing, so it is unlikely to be bumped up the priority list any time soon. I could be convinced otherwise.

And no - Flamingo becoming RDK complient does not mean that the trees would be available to other renderers. However, it could certainly choose to export those trees to other renderers using the RDK custom render mesh system.

Ah, had a brief moment of hope there :wink:
And being able to export the trees could also be a good thing. Even being able to realtime hardware supported opengl instances of trees and bushes could be a great thing, but that is a totally different discussion of course.

Thanks for clearing it up Andy.