Flag or pointer to a point in Perspective view.....how?


With the inability of Print preview to make points show up, I keep wanting to place some kind of pointed tip flag to them in perspective view as I work. Leaders seem to lie flat etc unless I place them in ortho.

As soon as I create a point, I have to enter ortho and put a leader to it, end up with a massive arrow tip, go and later that, etc. then repeat this for another point, and another one etc.

What is best way of flagging them up in perspective view ensuring they are visible at whatever scale and also amidst a jungle of lines and solids ?


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hmm- not really sure what this means- PrintDisplay > State=On should not hide points, and the preview window in the Print command should also show points. Is either of those what you are referring to?



Lines go thicker with Print Preview but points remain same size and their line weight doesnt alter. They get lost amongst the thicker lines as a result. I have started using print preview and 0.5 for lines I am currently working on, as this build is getting very busy., or in some cases 1.2 etc to be able to see certain lines I need to know I have made. e.g. when I make rails from my structures I like to see what is left to do and where I have got to, so the rails layer I make 1.2 but points become tricky to see with such fat lines !


(Margaret Becker) #4

Does changing the point size in the display options help?


That certainly helps, looks crazy when zoomed out on setting 6 but zoomed in they show up. That option is buried deep, 6 layers down if one counts rhino options.

An way of accessing it quickly, sort of toggling it on or off ?


(Margaret Becker) #6

How about using a Dot object? You can place them by snapping to your existing points and you can set their height. Dots do not have to contain any text and can be changed to any color.

(Wim Dekeyser) #7

Or make a display mode that produces big points and then use setobjectdisplaymode to assign this mode to the points while in your regular display mode. By setting the display mode back to the regular mode you can toggle the behavior. Assign two macros to some keyboard combination.