Fixing non-planar curves

Hi there. I am making a city model as you can see in the picture and I am using a 3D dwg file for this. But the curves of the buildings in this file are not planar. I can get the lines to the lowest point using the setpt command one by one, but this is a very long method. Do I have an easier location instead?

What are you trying to do actually? Get the building footprints as planar curves? Lower the buildings onto a terrain or a flat plane?

As you can see most of the buildings are not solid because of the base curves that i extruded are not planar. I need those buildings like solid ones in the pitcure.

SetPt is probably the best option, @O─čuzhan_Uzun otherwise you could try Project. If you have a lot of curves then its going to take some amount of time to process. Might pay to simplify the curves (if you havenÔÇÖt done so already) to remove unnecessary control points (which would increase processing time).

Hope this helpsÔÇŽ

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Perhaps this script might help then: (1.5 KB)

Transforms non-planar curves into planar cuves parallel to the world
XY plane and at the choice of maximum or minimum Z height,
Works best with ÔÇťnear planarÔÇŁ curves.


Man you are a lifesaver. Thank you so much.