Fixing crooked edges before using sweep2

Hi guys i have some edges that i used split of accomplish from a solid and i need to now close off the solid but before i wonder if there is any solution to have a smoother edge before i use sweep2 to make a closed polysurface

Hi Mitviz- please post the object … someone will have a look.


scallop.3dm (645.1 KB) Pascal, here you go, the rest of the similar edges will be done the same so this is just one

Hi mitviz- your edges are ‘crooked’ but dead straight in the Front view - I am not sure what should win - if you cut a curved surface with a straight line, the result will be a curved edge, there is no getting around that. In any case, to close it up, the easy way out is to loft across each pair of edges, then Join everything, then for good measure, MergeAllFaces to remove the little rectangle cut out of the semicircular face,

scallop_PG.3dm (732.1 KB)


Hi mitviz,

select long surface that has crooked edges pres F10 and look your points they are not in a straight line, they are drawing zigzags this is the main reason.

untrim long surface
select all points except bottom and top
redo trimming
edge should be better.

hope it helps.

Or maybe, @mitviz, you wanted this:

scallop___.3dm (306.6 KB)

(exploded, untrimmed, and trimmed back against each other).

Pascal, this is what is required, to be straight in the front view but i think you are right that as long as i am cutting along a curve it will be like this

Blastered i dont think i understand what you mean