Fixing a surface that folding in on itself


I’m relatively new to modelling directly within rhino and I’m having a few problem figuring out how to create a closed solid polysurface from geometry that’s folding in on itself (see attached image).

I’m using the FlowAlongSurface command to wrap an organic polysurface around half a sphere, unfortunately this it to blend and fold in on itself in some places, meaning I’m only able to create an open polysurface when I attempt to close it off (end goal is to 3d print).

Really unsure how to approach this as I haven’t been able to find any tutorials that deal with this type of messy geometry.

Really appreciate any help or pushes in the right direction!


SurfaceFoldingOnItself.3dm (2.3 MB)

I say that is going to be hard - probably better to flow using History and edit the points on the original so that the the flowed one sorts itself out.


I used CrvOnSrf to make some cuts and then Sweep2 with few BlendCrv as cross section to avoid those foldings

if you are going to printing in that size, check the thickness of some details, they will not last in the print.
this one for example: