Fix mirror/flow/rail revolve

Hi forum

I was wonder how can i flow after do a loft/rail revolve/mirror in the middle alway have a edge .

From left to right

  1. You can see how the result is after a Mirror
  2. The result of a filletedge
  3. Is a Ellisoip

How can i have after the mirror a join a result like as Ellipsoid without use one.


I would use a loose loft made from copies of the same curve. (see file)
To get the mirrored version to be smooth join like you want, the second profile in the loft needs to be a vertical copy of the base curve and the others are scaled copies.

LooseLoft.3dm (37.1 KB)

Thanks Jim, your answer was helpful . I would try like you did it to fix the issue


You can also get a similar result with Rail Revolve (See file)

With the RailRevolve in order to get the smooth transition with the mirrored surface you will need to make sure the second control point of the profile curve (blue curve) is vertical to the first control point.

RailRevolve.3dm (30.7 KB)