FIU: Breakthrough Miami

FIU is chasing down the last $6k to support the Breakthrough Miami 10th graders who will take part in our groundbreaking Knight sponsored Growlight program on June 20-July 8, 2016.

Thanks to a generous loan of laptops from Dell and Rhino software from Robert McNeel & Associates, the Breakthrough children are well on their way to a super-exciting summer experience. They will study the City of Miami Beach, city government, the environment, design, art and technology, all under the guidance of Associate Dean of Students, David Rifkind and his talented Breakthrough/FIU team at the Urban Studios, where they will have the unique opportunity to 3D print the future!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

For any questions please contact John A. Stuart at 305-535-1460.

Posted May 27, 2016 by Andres Gonzalez on Rhino News, etc.