Fitting a Polyline to curve with Internal Angle Restriction

Hi all,

I’m trying to generate a open, planar polyline from a open, planar curve, while holding true to a set of parameters:

  • segments sizing between 48-156"
  • limiting the angle between each adjoining segment to be equal to, or greater than 170°

Everything I am running across in GH relies on tolerance/deviation in terms of distance, and relies on running through given control points. Some commands, such as “Curve to Polyline” include a parameter for angle tolerance, but I suspect that refers to the angle of the segment from the tangent at the given point on the original curve.

I also considered identifying and moving the vertices connecting segments exceeding a 170° internal angle, but it creates a ripple effect and essentially passes on the problem to the next vertex…

My hope was to generate a polyline that did not necessarily fit to the originating curve, but approximated what that curve would look like if built with a system with the above mentioned constraints, something like the image below:

Thank you in advance!