Fitting a loft between two template curves

So im trying to fit a loft in between 2 profile curves:

Ive tried two different variants, both ExtrudeAlong like this:

But i geet this gap in the end:

So i tried using the ruledsurface between the profile curves in combination with the Flow component:
And it sort of looks nice at first:

But them again:

My question is.
Is there a way to fit a loft between to profiles like this where the loft actually meets the second Curve/Profile in the end without the gap as shown in the last photo?

Would love any input on this, including alternatives.
(I can not share the script as its confidential… )

With Extrude Along, did you try running the rail from profile to profile and ensuring it meets perpendicularly with the profile curve?

Maybe if you can’t share the script, you could at least share the two profiles and the rail as a Rhino file.

Are the two ending profiles the same, or do they have different lengths?

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Try sweep1 instead