FitCrv - Removing Kinks

If two a polycurve has an internal discontinuity, is refit supposed to preserve such kinks/discontinuities? I sometimes refit cross sections for sweeps when building

G0 ^

It seems from this it does, so maybe I need to rethink my approach.

Has anybody ever requested reporting deviation of rebuilds/refits within the sweep dialogs? (I know I know… it’s more info that might be deemed over the top).

The AngleTolerance option on the command line will allow you to specify an maximum angle value (degrees) between adjacent segments, sharper than which kinks are preserved. A value of 180 will smooth everything, a very tiny value like .01 (you can’t enter 0) will keep all kinks.

Ah thank you - never actually looked all the way to the end of the command line on that one. I only ever really look at fitting tolerance and degree maybe sometimes.