Fit text pull down in the Edit Linear Dimension dialogue

Hi all,

The Edit Linear Dimension dialogue has a Fit Text pull down that allows you to set a dimension between the hatch marks or off to the side. Is there any way to adjust how far to the side the dimension is set? One might think that maybe Hint Left and Hint Right might be different than Left and Right but they don’t seem to be. The dimension gets set exactly as far over. Any thoughts would be appreciated.Fly out


Hi Cosmas - I do not see a setting for this. Not to say there isn’t one but I do not see it so far.


Hi @Pascal and @mary

Following up on this could you please look at the attached jpg and let me know what you think? The Hint Right vs Right pull-down options don’t seem to be working. Is there a bug here? Plus there’s no mention of the Fit Text pull-down in the Text Help Page. Mary do you know anything about this?

Thank you.