Fit plug-in name in monitor 14inch(grasshopper)

How doese to fit plug-in name in monitor 14inch(grasshopper)
Now in Monitor 14 inches I do not fit all the names of plugins![qq|690x205]

Is there a way to shrink the names of plugins or their icons?


you can change that from code. And I have done similar things. You’ll need to get the instance of the Grasshopper Main Window, traverse the Visual Tree and find the UI element or its parent layout element. Then you change the properties. Is it worth to do so? Probably not. Basically, for two reasons: Loading many plugins might cause other problems. Plugins can decrease Grasshopper general performance, they can cause weird bugs, and affect other plugins from working properly. Reduce the plugins to a bare minimum. Only add/activate them if you really need them. Also consider using a larger screen for Grasshopper work. That’s an investment you should do, if you work a lot in CAD. 14’’ is too small. Take care about your eyes and general health.