Fit for cut surface / need help /ty

Good day to you all , guys I’m new to rhinio and any other CAD programs , just learned few basics , I made a pavilion in rhino …the design is a bit futuristic and I need to cut some sheets of aluminium or galvanized sheet.To do that I need to prepare the design to fit the specific sheet that hey have. Ex : aluminium sheet 2000 Lmm x 1000 l mm, I use the command unrollsurf to see the surface that I need.The question is , is there a way to split the unrolled design and fit to a specific surface like 2000 mm x 1000mm so I don’t lose to many material and make the job faster, the cuts must be less possibile in lenght ,I don’t want to split it in to many pices .I can manual move them and cut and fit to specific sheet , but is there a way to do that faster I want to learn it , so I will be glad if u can share it .Thank you have a great day .

Hi Alexandru - I do not see a good way to cut things up other than by estimating by eye - once cut something like RhinoNest might help but I don’t see a reliable way to ‘scientifically’ solve the first problem - trial and error…


thank you very much Pascal , well I will manual do the work.