Fisheye and Spherical camera preview

Is there already a way, or will there be a way in Rhino6 to render a preview for a fisheye or a spherical camera in a viewport ?

Or at least a way to write a custom rendering pipeline (using Rhinocommon) so that could be done by a plugin developer (me) ; i.e. could the Display Conduit be used to do that in the future ?

The Raytraced-powering engine Cycles in theory can do that, but there is no UI for accessing that. It would be nice to expose that at some point, although that likely will go into V7 (the new Rhino WIP)

Hmm, too bad :confused:

A fairly known but heavy technique to do that is to render the camera surroundings using a cubemap, and then “look” into that cubemap with a traditional perspective camera.
Is there not a way to achieve that at least ?

Not one that I am aware of. Maybe @jeff has something up his sleeve?

Maybe Vray and the Vray RT viewport is something for. Finally you can render the pano to a high res.

Here a quick test per VfR2.

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Cool ; so there is a way to “ask” rhino for meshes and their materials then render all of that using some sort of inhouse pipeline !
And get that preview in a traditional viewport.
I’ll look into it

Yes, you can do that for instance by using the ChangeQueue concept. This will give all objects as meshes, and the associated render materials.

You can then have for instance your custom engine render the view as you like - even with relativistic raytracing if you are into that sort of thing.

The Raytraced viewport mode uses this technology to integrate into the viewport with interactive raytracing.

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@nathanletwory I was wondering if there has been any work done to add those functionalities?

Otherwise, any examples/hints which part of cycles should I look into? I am trying to write a quick View Out generator - therefore control of projection to get Spherical Projection/Fish Eye would be ideal.

This hasn’t been hooked up, so not sure where to direct you.

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