Hi guys,

I am completely newbie in Grasshopper, so my question could sound elementary.

Anyway, I was looking a video on Youtube for making a Contour chair with grasshopper. In the video I see that there is a component used by the named (FirstLastItem). The problem is that I can not find it on my Grasshopper.

So my question is: Could it be that this component is named differently in Grasshopper 7? If so, what name should I look for?

If it is not the name, so, could it be that this component is a Plugin or add-on, so I have to download it?

Thank you.


about its location, should be the first compoinent under Sets → List:

not sure if it comes with a Plugin tho :frowning: I’m just used to know it’s there :slight_smile:

I think this comes from TreeSloth:

You can get the same result by using List Item, with the index 0 and -1:

If you zoom in a bit, a + appears and you can add additional outputs. If you add one at the top it will add the -1 output:

That way you can do it all with one list item component and no panels for inputs needed :slight_smile:


Hi guys. First of all thanks for your quick answer. Second, I am not sure that we are talking about the same component. This was is named FirstLastItem and the components look is different that the one you guys are referring to. I just attach two screenshots. maybe it helps.

Maybe it is the same with different name.
FIrstLastItem 1
FIrstLastItem 2

By the way, in my list I dont even have the components you guys are mentioning. NO FirstLast at all!!

It looks very much like someone has just created their own custom user object, based on a cluster. Something like this:

inside the cluster:

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Hi Adam,

It could be. If so, then I have to make the same custom user Object. Something that I am not sure I am capable of doing!

Thanks for your input.

Thanks Armin. I try to do the FirstLastItem component used in the video with your suggestion.

Yeah, you don’t have to recreate anything. Just use the normal List item component. It works just the same as the one from Treefrog or presumably the one you have from some other Plugin.

I would also recommend using the list item component. No dependency makes it easier to share the definition, and also the tree frog first/last has worse error handling. If you give it a tree where one of the branches is empty, tree frog first/last will crash and not output any of the branches that come after the empty branch in the tree, whereas list item will simply replace the empty branch with a null while still outputting all branches in the input.

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