First time using this for Golf Club Head Design

So normally I draw up the heads, and mold from clay to exact specs. Well, I am wanting to learn these files as I can have these done before the foundry. I have made the face how I want it to look in Rhino Tsplines, but not I am still trying to learn the next steps: Making a hollow body and Hosel

If anyone has any info or inside steps I can use, please feel free to help me learn the steps.

Thanks everyone…

@theoutside You have done a few golf club projects, right? Can you help Vince?

Hey there Vince,

Do you have your T-Splines model as one single T-Splines mesh? Hollowing and making the Hosel should be not so much of an issue. What are the parts you are having particular problems with?


yep! Vince, I have done a few golf projects- here is a video on making a club in tsplines-

The basic procedure is the same for all clubs, (woods and irons)

the retopo tools are useful for snapping geometry to reference surfaces (to get your face angles and such dialed in) once the club is modeled correctly convert to nurbs and add your grooves and details-

for reference all these clubs were modeled in tsplines / rhino

let me know if you get stuck, I’ll be happy to help out where useful-

I honestly have never used this stuff before so I have no idea what I have done so far.
Basically I have the face done, or the shape of it, Now I need to make the crown, sole connect them together, than make the hosel up at the correct angle. Same as the face.

Sorry for not having more knowledge guys, but we all gotta start somewhere.

Thanks for stepping in outside, I am wondering if you are able to do a quick chat with me about this stuff. Once again I am completely brand new to this and have no idea what these words and commands are and tools. Just trying to learn the just of it so I can get things made in future faster.

Pm sent with my contact number-