First time number appears in a set (Grasshopper)

Hi, for the life of me cant figure out how to achieve this, hoping for someone to help me out!
Basically I need the one number from each branch, but only the first time it appears in the order the data is structured. so the first branch has first pick of the unique number and so on…
Any Ideas? Thanks!

Can you please share a GH file with your panel you screenshot?

Its a pretty big definition… the output data can change quite a bit so, I just need to apply the mentioned rule no matter the incoming data.

No need to share the whole file. Just that panel you snipped in your original post. It’s short enough I could rebuild the data but I’d rather spend the time helping :wink:

First Unique Number from (4.3 KB)
Oh I see, Yup Ive attached the file! Thanks for giving it a go :slight_smile:

Hi @Eric_Nakajima,

Give this a go and see if it works for your purposes.

Graph Space:

20230727_First Unique Number from (14.2 KB)

My understanding of the question is more like this

First Unique Number from (9.7 KB)


Ahh yes, in rereading the original post I think you’re right @magicteddy

if you like -unskilled- Python scripting, I think this could also work:

First Unique Number from (7.5 KB)


Thanks, solved it myself through brute force but this is much better!