First release of Penrose Tiling plug-in

I’m happy to announce the first release of a plug-in that creates Penrose tilings. For more information on these interesting tilings see

The plug-in allows tilings of over 40,000 tiles to be created as either polylines, mesh or surfaces.

In short, Penrose tilings are non-periodic tilings of the 2D surface. The type of Penrose tiling currently supported in the plug-in is the “thick and thin rombi” type, which is probably the most well-known type of Penrose tiling. More types will follow in the future.

An example of a Penrose Tiling:

The plug-in is available for free via Food4Rhino on the link below. You will need to register to download the plug-in.


Thanks for sharing this Menno! That’s pretty nice, I can see jewelers and architects liking this!