First Project: Cant boolean difference 2 Mesh

I Started with my first project. I tried to design a dock for an Apple Magic Mouse, pretty simple, I found the 3d for the mouse, Loaded into rhino, but can’t do the difference with the mouse and my other mesh (a Chopped cone).

I am attaching my file with the two meshes, I also googled on how to do the boolean operation with meshes: didn’t worked.

Also tried to do a polysurface from the mouse mesh, but It only left me with 4 polysurfaces with could not be joined.

HOW TO.3dm (858.6 KB)

Any ideas, will be tested in order to learn.

Thanks in advance.

The mouse mesh is not a simple solid but has a quite complex inner structure. You need to simplify the mesh so it is just an outer shell. I don’t know of a simple way to do it.

Great! Thanks! And how do I make that “outter shell”

Start by Explode followed by Ungroup. Then you will see the 34 meshes that the thing is made of.

Thanks, I am at the point where you told me, I have the 34 meshes… how do I create the outer shell ou of the 34 meshes. (Sorry if I am asking 101 questions)

first I would close the gap between body and button. For the rest I would also create a simple part, so that the mouse can be pulled out and upward.